It’a so important that we make time for self care to decompress as we observe the conflict unfolding – especially for those of who have pre-existing trauma, ptsd or are deeply empathic. Our brains have a negativity bias so it’s important that we gauge our emotional reservoir, to feel where we are prior to exposing ourselves to potentially vicariously traumatising information it’s also important to consider the way in which we obtain the information, such as reading an article as oppose to watching news footage. I was talking with a peer recently who is also a therapist, they explained that they had a nightmare following watching the news before bed – which showed casualties. This highlighted that if there is a lasting and visceral effect on a mental health professional with decades of clinical experience and emotional robustness – the effects on you may be profound as well. To reduce your risk of compassion fatigue consider reading news articles instead of watching live news footage. Limit how much news on war you intake. My personal limit is twice a day, once in the morning after my self care regimen and once after my work day. Consider doing something for you each day that’s lighthearted, ‘charging’ or fun. That could be spending time in nature -mindfully noticing the intricacy of a leaf. Sending your bff funny memes or jamming to some upbeat music! Whatever your self care is do something just for you that tops up your reservoir! Love, peace and power, Rochelle