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I facilitate clients inherently intelligent body and mind processes. I promote robustness, mental fitness, prioritising self care, accountability, encouraging self exploration and developing a sense of self, goal setting, shame free sexuality and LGBTQIA+ support. My work includes childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, identity crisis, racial trauma, racial identity crisis, multi-ethnicity / racial identity issues, personal crisis, depression, poor self esteem, mood disorders, personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder (BPD/EUPD) and many ranges of emotional ways of being.

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I can help using Rogers (person centred/humanistic), attachment theory, Jung (working with images and metaphors), psychosexual/psychosocial, attachment, cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt, phenomenological. Due to the pandemic, I have become qualified as a telephone counsellor. I offer short and long term 50 minute weekly telephone or zoom sessions.

My client focus is ethnicity: Mixed-Race, black and other BAME backgrounds


  • 5 years in practice
  • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy / Registered Member
  • Foundation Degree of Arts in Counselling / 2018
  • I trained as an integrative counsellor, so I pull from different tools like person centred (Rodgers) Jung, Freud and Winnicot.

    Here are some of the blogs that Rochelle has published or contributed her commentary on. They are racial identity, mixed-race identity and black equality in the mental health sector.
    BACP Blog: Do black lives matter in the counselling room? Rochelle considers the shadow side of the British psyche.
    Refinery29: Mixed women explain why talking about race with their families matters: Rochelle offers commentary on these women’s experiences.
    My self help e-books and journals available now

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    You Are Enough: Mixed Girls Edition, Exploring the Nuance of Mixed-Race Identity and the Journey of Self-Acceptance

    This book is a short, practical, and accessible self-help manual for people of mixed-race heritage. The aim is to promote the reader reclaiming parts of themselves that they may have lost sight of or may have not yet met.

    It is also a guide that encourages self-acceptance, self-love and owning your truth as person of mixed heritage – however that looks for you!

    Peace is Power: Because Mental Fitness Matters: Self Care is Self Love Pandemic Edition

    This self-help guide aims to encourage people to take time for self-care. It also highlights that self-care is a spectrum that varies based upon the individual, their lifestyle, their environment, their emotional, physical, and psychological needs.

    Self-care doesn’t have to be a hot bath or a spa day. For some it could be cleaning a junk draw that’s been making them feel unsettled or writing an essay that has a nearing deadline, for others it could be binge-watching Netflix after a stressful week.

    Peace is Power Self-Care is Self-Love Gratitude Journal

    As a counsellor Rochelle’s ethos is to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to normalise a self-care lifestyle for optimal function.

    She became a counsellor as she is passionate about enriching people’s lives and helping them learn their power through peace and purpose. However, her awareness that not everyone has the means to access counselling birthed this journal.

    Peace is Power: Self-Care is Self-Love Gratitude Journal: Mental Fitness Matters

    This gratitude journal is the grey and pink edition of the one on the left. The benefits of gratitude journaling can include more self-awareness, better awareness of your personal goals, values and what it important to you.

    While it’s not a replacement for counselling and is best used in conjunction with therapy, this can assist you becoming the best version of yourself.