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Ninja blender

What I love about this blender it’s so compact and efficient – it takes up minimal counter space but it’s really powerful. I use mine every single day for breakfast- which is often a berry and protein smoothie or ‘brownie’ baked oatmeal (). I also use it to make marinades and sauces to make whatever I’ve got to use up in the fridge more exciting! Sometimes I even it to make live face masks – if I really want to have a good pamper session!

Pre-cleansing oil

One of my favourite parts of the day is winding down doing my evening skincare regime – while listening to a podcast or watching tv. This is also a good time to do positive affirmations and check in with the body ie noticing and letting go of tension in the shoulders. I’ve been using this pre-cleansing oil for years and I’ve found myself with less breakouts, an over all a healthier and more radiant complexion. Another benefit is after doing this and the rest of my routine I’ve found myself relaxed enough afterwards to fall straight to sleep  !

Self-care cards

We all need that reminder to slow down, pause, check in with ourselves and do something to top up a reservoir. These are a wonderful reminder to do that!

This is a paid promotion- however products endorsed I love and use myself