Before my sessions with Rochelle, I was done, broken and self loathing.

When I started my sessions, Rochelle saw this and over the weeks she helped me see otherwise. Her positive aura, bubbly personality and open minded thinking of the world helped me and inspired me to see my own world through a different set of eyes.

During the weeks she helped me see that my limitations were merely self appointed. I feel like with Rochelle’s help I am healthier and confident, more than I have been for a fair amount of time, possibly ever.

Our sessions were always causal filled with deep talks one week and then laughs the next, each week feeling welcome. She let me know she cared about what I was going through and her understanding of my feelings and emotions helped me to have full trust in her words of comfort.

I would definitely recommend Rochelle as a counsellor, wether you’re facing your darkest hour or just need someone to confide in, she will support you every step of the way.