During a recent visit to the beach, I felt grounded amongst the elements. I found peace in my surroundings: the crisp sea air framed by a backdrop of clear blue skies, seagulls, and the ocean’s tranquil sounds. This made the oceanfront evening an ideal self-care sweet spot. I had a busy week ahead, and this was the soulful interlude I needed. I found inspiration in the harmony of how the sand and water co-existed. Perhaps more impactful, was the symbolism of their interaction. The pliability of the sands, slowly taking shape under the soles of my feet, was a reminder of my autonomy and the strength of my agency. I could shape how I authored and narrated this experience. I was empowered and mindful that each day brings with it a set of choices. Each day represents an opportunity to affect change. The grainy sands and their visuals highlighted perspective. Life will offer many choices, some acted upon, others ignored. But the sands grit serves as a reminder of our resilience to persevere, our collective strength to navigate life’s journey, one moment at a time. The footprints left with each step, at times a risk, in other moments, a leap of self-trust, is a step closer to our most authentic selves, or indeed a shift away from that notion. With the fall of evening, the tide gained its own metaphorical meaning. The gushing waters of the ocean represented the inevitability of tomorrow, that no matter what paths we take, where we step and how long the stride, a fresh day presents a moment for reflection and re-evaluation. Another tomorrow will do the same. The tides over time serve as a reminder that people, like water, have infinite potential and power. Growth and change are the last impressions left by the metaphor of adaptive fluidity. Like the sands that bear the temporary weight of our imprint, it takes a daily effort to mould our surroundings and bring shape to our realities—the working towards our goals. The tide renews the impressions (plans) of each day. Love, Peace and Power, Rochelle