I awoke with a feeling of knowing that when I opened my dark grey curtains I would be greeted with clear blue skies and bright sun rays. As I brushed my teeth, cleansed my skin, and looked at my fig scented, sheet-masked face in the mirror, this warm and exciting feeling of joy in my heart washed over me. I basked in the feeling of sun like joy, convinced that the weather would echo far beyond my storm-coloured drapes. The cadence of this delightful feeling of sunshine seemed to dance in my chest and carry my feet as I glided into the kitchen to start breakfast. Cooking breakfast with this feeling of anticipation and excitement felt fun, playful and youthful. To my surprise, I opened the curtains and discovered a grey, dull and overcast picture. It was in that moment, I realised I had married myself to a belief that the weather informed my mood – said belief no longer served me. The discovery that I could feel sunny inwardly despite it being grey, overcast, and gloomy outside was a powerful, inspirational, and unconscious metaphor that reminded us: when the sky is grey dance anyway. My discovery that the weather was gloomy and yet my mood upbeat affirmed that I influence my own moods not the weather nor what is out there. Also, this realisation helped me start to appreciate the beauty of rain – the cosy ambiance, the scents, and hydration that it serves mother earth. It also helped me to understand that when there is no rain, we lose the ability to experience the beauty of a rainbow – forgetting not that sometimes the most beautiful rainbows exist inside us. Love, Peace and Power, Rochelle